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8/20 開學通知 Back to School

Dear Parents,

We have sent out the back to school email, if you have not receive our email please check your junk mail and add "" to your contact and send us a message to update your email with student name. We will update our email list to make sure you will receive our email for this year.


愉快的暑假即將接近尾聲,本學期將於8/20開學,上課地點: Walnut High School,行事曆及上課教室會陸續公佈在學校網站。

8/20/22 開學典禮行程如下: 8:30~9:20 註冊 & 學生報到 (MPR) 9:20~10:00 開學典禮 (MPR) 10:10~11:30 老師帶領學生進教室上課 10:10~11:30 家長大會 (MPR) Summer vacation is about to be over. This year we are at Walnut High School and our first day will be on 8/20. Calendar and campus map will post on school website later. 8/20/22 schedule: 8:30~9:20 Student check in and new student registration (MPR) 9:20~10:00 Open Ceremony (MPR) 10:10~11:30 Chinese Class 10:10~11:30 Parents Conference (MPR

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